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Gramercy Village is the one-stop retail hub and shopping center for the entire Treasure Valley.

Hire Locally

Because of the unique design of the Gramercy District, this thriving business hub is combined with vibrant residential neighborhoods and diverse retail locations.

The best part? Supporting the local economy is easier than ever by hiring within the Treasure Valley and Gramercy District community. This setting is ideal for any retail, dining, or entertainment establishment.

Everything at Gramercy is connected and works toward bringing a higher standard of living to the community.

Complimentary Businesses

Life in the Gramercy District means three things: Live. Work. Play.

The unique ecosystem of Gramercy consists of businesses, residential areas, and retail locations. All support each other to create a complementary experience for residents of the Treasure Valley. This arrangement allows professionals to drop by a diner in the Gramercy Village for lunch, or return after hours to to visit the spa.

Gramercy Village offers a distinctive range of conveniences and experiences for a high-amenity lifestyle.

Destination Hub

The Gramercy District is a one-stop hub for the entire Treasure Valley, making Gramercy Village it’s shopping center. Fantastic businesses from all around the valley set up their office suites and condominiums here, while their families live nearby in the planned community. Gramercy provides the opportunity for employment, a place to build a family, as well as the entertainment and amenities that you would expect from any metropolitan hub.

Retail Opportunities

The Gramercy Village is already home to a variety of retail businesses and services that enrich the lives of Treasure Valley residents. The opportunities for new or existing commercial and retail opportunities are endless. Some of the existing retail establishments in the Gramercy Village include:

  • Gramercy Park Pizza & Grill
  • Fat Guy’s Fresh Deli
  • Boise Dive
  • NBeach Tanning
  • Bank of the West


Leasing and ownership opportunities are available for retail space in varying lot sizes and acreage. Each are centrally located within the residential community and business hub.

Leasing an existing space will allow you to take immediate advantage of the built-in customer base and clientele of the Gramercy Village. The result is access to a safe, efficient, and inviting community.



Business condos at Gramercy Village are urban-inspired and located within the heart of the Treasure Valley. They are built to suit a variety of retail needs and can add long-term value to your business. Each are only a short walk away from the safe and affordable suburban Gramercy residential community.